Used Golf Cars available at Race City Golf Cars

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We have well-maintained, standard two-passenger golf cars fresh off lease. We choose to purchase fleet vehicles from the Northeastern United States and Canada areas, where the weather restricts golf course play time to only four-five months. These northern golf vehicles have fewer hours of use on them and are stored inside buildings during the offseason, unlike local and southeast region course play of 365 days a year where many vehicles are stored outside openly or just under a shelter. Choosing northern golf vehicles allow us to offer the best, used vehicles available on the market!

Used golf cars generally come in beige or green, which are earthy colors and come with a top and a used folding windshield when available. Used golf cars can be upgraded endlessly in any fashion, but most commonly are upgraded with head and tail lights and rear-facing seats or cargo beds. Someone interested in this type of vehicle would usually have a lower expense budget or doesn’t have a need for a flashy vehicle. Many times, it’s someone that wishes to buy a very good base golf vehicle and perform all the upgrades themselves. Our fleet golf cars are blank canvases waiting to be customized.

Here are a few of our most popular upgrades, which start with one of our basic golf cars: