Refurbished Golf Cars available at Race City Golf Cars

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Our READY-TO-RIDE golf cars offer a like-new upgrade without the new price tag! Choose from a variety of body and seat color combinations. These vehicles go through a complete and thorough servicing and renewing of the chassis, steering, suspension, and electronics to ensure that they are as fully operational as a new vehicle. They are then physically reconstructed with either new or freshly painted bodies to match the seat colors. The advantage of these cars is that most people want a color other than beige or green, and they want it as new as possible. These cars offer you a great starting base for a custom car or the best “bang for your buck” golf car. In general, these are equipped with new or painted body, new or recovered factory seats, folding rear-facing seats (for four-passenger capability or cargo), head and tail lights, folding windshield, rear view mirror, and matching tires.

We offer several levels of READY-TO-RIDE golf cars:

LEVEL ONE is the more simple PRECEDENT model with new or painted body, tan or white seats, factory short top (color matching the seats), folding windshield, head and tail lights, rear view mirror, and an economy folding rear-facing seat. Electric models include new batteries.

LEVEL TWO is the same vehicle but upgraded a little further with a premium folding rear seat and a color matching long top. These electric models come with new batteries and feature the most requested customizations.

LEVEL THREE is the all-but-custom golf car. The upgrades are the same as LEVEL ONE and LEVEL TWO but with upgraded two- or three-tone new seats and aluminum-wheel upgrade.

ALL of our READY-TO-RIDE models come with a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY!